Sunday, March 29, 2009

Palm Springs

For my 34th birthday, Jim took me to Palm Springs for the weekend! We stayed at the Villa Royale Inn, a bed and breakfast about three minutes from the downtown area. It was very relaxing, very quiet, and just what we both needed. It was the first weekend we had had, just the two of us, in about three and a half years. Sometimes it seems it's all about the kids, so we took the time for ourselves. :) Sofia went to her Nana's house for her first sleepover over there (the first sleepover she ever had was at her Auntie Cassie's house with her cousins), and Talyon went to Steve's house.
We're hoping to get one more weekend in before baby Charlie is born at the end of June, so we're trying to get that planned now before life happens again!!

At Las Casuelas Terraza Restaurant

Some pictures of the place we stayed, Villa Royale Inn in Palm Springs

Where we layed out on Saturday
View from our lounge chairs, this is the door to our room

Reading before getting ready for dinner...
Europe Restaurant at the Inn, where we had a marvelous two-hour dinner on Saturday night

Some pictures we took on the way home, since I was certainly not in a hurry to be home!

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Amanda Bennett said...

Wow! Looks like an absolutely wonderful time. And you look great. I'm sure Sofia had a blast with Nana. Happy Belated Birthday!